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Venus is a remarkably elegant garment. The sequins of the Wow add a touch of glamour to the lightness and softness of the Vivienne for a delightful pampering to wear.

    • Yarn: VIVIENNE col. 5876 light beige, col. 1916 dark beige, WOW col. 247 beige.
    • Needles: n. 5
    • Weight: 350 g/ 12,35 oz (7 balls VIVIENNE col. light beige and 7 balls VIVIENNE col. dark beige, 8 balls WOW).
    • Size: S/M, L/XL
    • Stitches Used: Elongated Stitch with 3 wrapped threads, Elongated Stitch with 2 wrapped threads, Garter Stitch, 2×2 Rib.
      We always worked the 3 threads together

  • Skill level: