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Denim Time

BIO Merino Nuage is a yarn characterized by special variegations and delicate shades. In this garment the Jeans tone is wisely combined with warm sand and strong brown shades.

  • Pattern Yarn: BIO MERINO NUAGE col. 6094 blue, 6093 brown. ORIGIN col. 1494 sand.
  • Needle Size: n. 4
  • Yarn Amounts: 420 g/14.80 oz (Bio Merino Nuage: 7 balls of col. blue, 2 balls of col. brown; Origin: 2 balls of col. 1494 beige)
  • Stitches used: Tubular Stitch, 2×2 Rib, Garter Stitch, Fly Stitch, Rod Stitch

  • Skill Level: