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Colors of The Garden

Dahù and Dahù Fancy make this garment original and funny by a game of colors and stitches, blended and doubled to reach new and unique chromatic combinations.

  • Pattern Yarn: DAHÚ col. 6012 pearl, col. 8701 green.
    DAHÚ’ FANCY col. 369 e 8008.

    The Dahù e Dahù fancy yarn are worked doubled, even with mixed colors at the some time.

  • Needle Size: n. 4.5 and n. 5
  • Yarn Amounts: 480 g/16.90 oz (3 balls of each color)
  • Garment Size: 42
  • Stitches used: 1X1 Rib, Garter Stitch, Cable, Wide Cable, Sieve Stitch, Mistake Rib

  • Skill Level: