Free knitting pattern


Astrid is a young, cheerful and comfortable sweater.
The particular color palette chosen for this jacquard stitch makes the garment chic and casual at the same time!
    • Yarn: BUNNY col. 6862 sky blue, col. 8386 petroleum, col. 6012 pearl, col. 8112 brick.
    • Needles: n. 7
    • Circular Needles: n. 7
    • Weight:415 g/ 14,64 oz. (3 balls col. sky blue, 2 balls col. petroleum, col. pearl and col. brick)
    • Size: M
    • Stitches used: Tubular, 1×1 Rib, Stockinette Stitch, Ladder-Back Jacquard.

    • Skil level: