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Abbey Road

An accessory as classic as essential during the coldest months, casual and chic at the same time. Realized with circular needles and a funny stitches game and contrasting colors, in soft and colorful Bio Merino. Pure Biologic Wool in a very original design ball.

    • Pattern Yarn: BIO MERINO col. 2458 green e col. 5882 red.
      DAHÚ’ FANCY col. 369 e 8008.

      The Bio Merino yarn is always worked doubled: in Garter stitch Striped in Round, we worked col. green with col. green and col. red with col. red. In Cable Stitch in Round, we used one string of col. green and one string of col. red and worked it together.

    • Circular Needle Size: n. 6,5
    • Yarn Amounts: 120 g/4,23 oz (2 balls of col. 2458 green and 2 balls of col. 5882 red)
    • Garment Size: One size
    • Stiches used: Cable in Round, Garter Stitch Striped in Round.

      • Skill Level: