Hand knitting

Our starting point. Our strength.



We were born in 1963 in Fara Novarese as a specialized manufacturer in the production of hand knitting yarns and since the ’90s we also rised up in the high fashion knitwear market. We developped the two sectors with the same passion, the same attention to quality and efficiency. We opened the door to innovation , enriching it into tradition because our aim is to offer a product of excellence entirely Made in Italy.

Sesia is today a solid reality that has gained a prominent role in the world’s knitwear market without leaving its original vocation that is to offer high-quality raw material to the imagination of the creative hand knitting “artists”.

We work with passion for continuous research of quality, environmental protection, respect for our employees.

We listen to the wishes of our customers and transform them into precious yarns, embellishing them with creativity, passion and ethics that have always distinguished us.

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Mission & values

Mission & valori

Lavoriamo con passione nella ricerca continua della qualità, nella tutela dell’ambiente, nel rispetto dei nostri collaboratori.

Ascoltiamo i desideri dei nostri Clienti e li trasformiamo in filati pregiati, impreziosendoli con la creatività, la passione e l’etica che da sempre ci contraddistinguono.

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