Only the perfect simplicity of nature.

Bio Sesia is the biological choice of Manifattura Sesia that does not give up on high quality.

A choice at 360 ° where attention to the environment means taking care of the selection of our suppliers, product traceability and being in compliance with the labor safety laws (TU81 / 20016).

Respect for the environment and human well-being are our priorities: we have been working constantly with the aim of reconciling fashion and sustainability.

For this reason we use cotton from controlled biological crops that do not use pesticides, chemical fertilizers and genetically modified seeds and wool produced by the shearing of sheep bred in organic farms and mulesing free.

Thanking a traceable production process (100% made in Italy) and a dyeing with selected, non-allergenic dyestuffs, in compliance with the strictest ecological standards, the Bio Sesia yarns are a green choice, environmentally friendly. The entire range is certified by  ICEA (Institute for Environmental Ethics Certification), in accordance with the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) requirements.


Mission & valori

Lavoriamo con passione nella ricerca continua della qualità, nella tutela dell’ambiente, nel rispetto dei nostri collaboratori.

Ascoltiamo i desideri dei nostri Clienti e li trasformiamo in filati pregiati, impreziosendoli con la creatività, la passione e l’etica che da sempre ci contraddistinguono.

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